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Passive Candidate Custom Research:

Since 1989, SGA has been providing the best in name generation solutions. Our relationship with each of our 2,100 clients begins with a partnership. When we are retained to identify potential contacts for recruiting or sales development professionals, our experience and skills allow us to deliver a list of contacts that is 100% accurate the day it is sent. You require accurate names, titles, direct dials and emails addresses of the professionals you target to be sourced and networked. Whether you are filling a pipeline of candidates or targeting your best customers, our research staff is here to save you time and money.

The Sheila Greco Associates LLC research department is segmented into three specialty groups, comprised of analysts having a minimum of 9 years industry experience. Each project is executed by a specifically assigned team, led by a working Project Manager along with a team of Research Professionals.

Let us help you identify the hard to find, needle in a haystack executive. Our professionalism and tenacity in Custom Research is unequalled. If we can’t get it, no one can!

Passive Candidate Research-on-Demand:

Sheila Greco Associates' service for the "fast and furious" - Results from our Proprietary Database fitting your criteria --- emailed to you within 24 hours!

Our "Research-on-Demand" service offers the most up-to-date, telephone-verified lists of executives available anywhere in today's market. We will search our proprietary databases based on custom specifications that you provide, and deliver a list back to you that fits your needs. If we do not have all of the requested information in our databases currently, you can then also rely on our extensive Custom Research services to generate the rest of your specific requirements with 100% telephone verified information. We will deliver a list of executives from Top Public and Private Companies nationwide to your specifications, for example I/T, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Finance, and Human Resources and more. Sheila Greco Associates does not use web scraping technology; all contacts are telephone-verified.

Our Three Research Teams:

Industry Services Research Team

Our Industry Services Research Team is one of the best in the country, with analysts that are experts by function and industry. This team has the ability to identify specific professionals at any level within specific departments such as: sales, marketing, human resources, operations, information technology, manufacturing, engineering, and R&D, within a private or publicly held company.

Areas of expertise include: pharmaceutical, healthcare, bio-tech, retail, financial services (banking & insurance), technology, manufacturing, consumer products, and telecommunications.

Professional/Consulting Services Research Team

This is the team on which our business was founded. Our Professional Consulting Services Research Team is considered a leader in the industry because of our unique ability to stay on top of the ever-changing trends in consulting.

Our analysts on the Professional/Consulting Services Research Team are capable of detailing the nationwide hierarchy of a practice from national partner to consultant. We have experience in identifying HR consulting practices, outsourcing groups, ERP practices, organizational change/change management professionals, EAI practices, I/T strategy, as well as business development professionals at the Big 4 and boutique consulting firms. Furthermore, we can do research by industry, i.e. healthcare/life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, supply chain, automotive, telecommunications and retail.

Tax & Audit/Accounting/Finance Services Research Team

Our Specialty Tax & Audit/Accounting Services Research Team is one of the finest in the country. This team of professionals focuses on tax/audit practices at Big 4 and private accounting firms. Our experience has included identifying professionals office-by-office, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Successful assignments have included breaking out & detailing a target company’s service areas, such as valuation services, mergers & acquisitions, advisory services, corporate finance, strategy planning, litigation services, general accounting, and internal audit finance, strategy planning, litigation services, general accounting, and internal audit.

Fresh Passive Candidate Research and Name Sourcing

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