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Sheila Greco Associates Announces

- Add My Profile - Feature for SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro

New feature allows Qualified Executive Candidates to connect with Search Professionals Confidentially, Quickly, and Easily offering a unique hybrid of professional research with user generated executive profiles

Amsterdam, New York - May 13, 2008: SGA today announced the addition of the "ADD MY PROFILE" feature, allowing executives to add their contact information and biographical profiles to SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro, SGA's premier subscription based service used by executive recruiting and corporate HR professionals as a source of executive job candidates.

Sheila Greco, SGA Founder and President, said "We've continued to invest in ExecutiveTracker Pro and are very pleased at the growth and great response we've gotten from our clients.  This new feature makes it even better as a unique hybrid that combines the best of both worlds for search firms and executive candidates: high quality executive contact data professionally compiled and telephone updated by our in-house research staff, along with biographical info that’s submitted to us by the executives themselves."

ExecutiveTracker Pro is highly focused and exclusive. Only executives who are currently employed at the top 10,000 U.S. public and private companies with a title of Manager level or above will be approved to submit their profile for coverage in SGA’s exclusive database of  "thought leaders, movers, & shakers".

Peter Malamas, SVP of the SGA ExecutiveTracker division, states, "This is a win-win. Our executive search and HR clients gain access to valuable data focused on the executive candidates they want, while the executives gain no-risk exposure to high-level search professionals. Unlike job boards and user generated data available on the public web, ExecutiveTracker Pro is available to search professionals by paid subscription only. Executives assume no risk that their employer will see that they posted a profile on the public web, or that an executive updated their own profile."

There are many tools and job boards out there, but Tracker is the only one that is focused on passive candidate movers and shakers at the top U.S. public and private companies, and telephone updated by a professional in-house research staff.

About Sheila Greco Associates, LLC and SGA ExecutiveTracker

Since 1989, SGA has specialized in providing unique business intelligence and  executive contact information to serve the needs of sales, marketing, recruiting, and human resource professionals. SGA ExecutiveTracker gives access to thousands of executives per firm at each of the top U.S. public and private companies in the U.S., providing thousands of management contacts not available on the internet or in any other source, including direct dials, emails, biographies, and more. Quality Focus means that SGA does not use automated web scraping or outsourced data collection. The SGA ExecutiveTracker Pro database is maintained solely by the company's in-house research team to deliver the highest accuracy on the market.





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