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SGA Executive Tracker 2.0
By: Mark E. Berger, C.P.C. AIRSCIR,

Amsterdam, New York: June 6, 2007 - Sheila Greco Associates, LLC today officially release its 2006-2007 Women In Technology Study.

  I had reviewed this great service from Sheila Greco Associates once before but it has been quite some time ago. In light of the continuing interest among the Fordyce subscribers in name and lead generation of passive candidates on the Internet I thought it might be time to give them another look. I noticed many improvements since my last review. I really like their user interface. It is very clean and simple. Those regular readers know that is something I always look for. An easy to use interface with a short learning curve. Not a lot to learn here. This service contains information for over 7,600 companies, fed by a proprietary database based on past 18 years of research, is 100% phone-verified in house and is updated regularly on a 90-120 day basis. Title levels range from sr. level down through lower management, including supervisors, team leaders, sales managers, buyers, etc. Just fill in a few fields, click submit and there is your list of names from industries, titles, functions, companies, and more.

  The two main search components of this product is either searching for executives or browsing by company name. When searching for executives you can search by company name, ticker symbol, industry, sales, number of employees, job function, title level, state, and SIC code, which is a very nice feature, especially for competitive intelligence. Browsing by company is a bit simpler. Just pick a letter of the alphabet and the list of companies follows.

  Using the executive search mode I left the company name blank and picked the Home Furnishings sub-category in the Consumer Goods category. Then I also selected the Merchandising Job Function. I left everything else blank. I was returned six great looking merchandising executives (VP level) from furniture companies. From this point you can click on each contacts name to obtain their contact details, including phone number. On each contact details page there is also a link to Colleagues that is a listing of other employees in the database from that same company. You can export the results to an excel spreadsheet if you like or simply return to perform another search.

  I then decided to search for all the Sears employees I could at their corporate headquarters in Chicago (yes, I am on a retail kick). I typed Sears in the Company Name field and also picked Illinois from the State list then clicked Submit. I came up with a healthy 700 results that time. Too many to review so I went back to my search page and added Supply Chain to the Job Function list and was returned six results, all managers with supply chain expertise.

  I then tried my hand at Browsing by Company. I picked Deloitte knowing their employees are highly sought after. If I click on the Deloitte link I am taken to a Company Details page that offers some basic contact info, website address, sales, employees, sic codes, a list of competitors, an email address formula (, and a company description. The database contained over 4400 Deloitte employees, mostly their consultants staff with their areas of expertise included in the job title. Again, I can click on any name and get the Contact Details.

  I tried one more. I went back to my merchandising search and picked one of the furniture companies I saw earlier, La-Z-Boy, Inc. I clicked on the Company Details page and found that one of their SIC codes was 25, which is a code for Furniture and Fixture manufacturers. I cleared my previous results and selected 25 from the SIC code list. I ran my search and ended up with a very large list of furniture and fixture manufacturers employing over 9000 executives that are listed in the database. From here I could easily pare down my results based on job title, function, location, company size, or any of the other criteria mentioned earlier.

  I want to say once again how easy it is for anyone to navigate searches with this product. I want to thank Anne Scofield, the VP of Business Development with Sheila Greco Associates. Anyone interested in an easy way to locate the names of passive candidates can contact Anne via telephone at 518-843-4611, ext. 234 or via email at You can also visit the SGA Executive Tracker website at





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