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SGA ExecutiveTracker Provides Unique Executive Contact Content
Raising the Bar in the Database Industry

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Executive Contact database gains new distribution and additional content on one year anniversary of release

Amsterdam, New York – January 18, 2006 – Sheila Greco Associates (SGA), a premier provider of executive information since 1989, today announced the one year anniversary of SGA ExecutiveTracker - the industry’s most comprehensive source for finding executive contacts at top companies.

ExecutiveTracker leverages more than 16 years of SGA’s expertise in delivering the industry’s largest and most accurate database of executive contacts from mid-management and above across all job functions. SGA has built an outstanding reputation through its use of staff verification and data validation process that updates contacts more frequently than any other provider in the industry - without any outsourced, or third party assistance.

The company's founder, Sheila Greco states, “Our clients frequently said the information found in other provider’s databases was outdated, inaccurate, or just derived from web-crawling methodologies where publicly available “C” level names are scoured from annual reports or press releases. We responded by developing and launching the revolutionary SGA ExecutiveTracker product a year ago to provide the difficult to find names that really matter to our clients. Our rapid growth with recruiters, sales, marketing, and human resources professionals, as well as our distribution by respected sources like Lexis-Nexis, is driven by our unique content offerings which are continually enhanced through our core business of customized research. We have successfully built the company by responding to our customers' needs while staying ahead of the competition. Our motto is, “If we don't have it, we can build it."

The primary focus of SGA ExecutiveTracker is to provide a database of business contacts that is more accurate and deeper than our competition. "I used SGA ExecutiveTracker at my previous company to help us with our strategic talent acquisition and now use it at Huron Consulting Group", says ExecutiveTracker client J. James O’ Malley, National Director of Recruiting for Huron. "I thought highly enough of the product that I wanted to make sure my new recruiting team had it in place as soon as I joined! I guess you could say I am a repeat customer". O’Malley continues, “At Huron we help clients effectively address complex challenges that arise from litigation, disputes, investigations, regulation, financial distress, and other sources of significant conflict or change. We look for talented individuals that have both financial as well as operational consulting experience. As a result, SGA ExecutiveTracker is an invaluable recruiting tool for us at Huron". O'Malley says that SGA ExecutiveTracker helps save his recruiter’s time and ultimately the firm money by finding the right executives quickly. “The ease of use and the functionality are a real differentiator for this product in the marketplace." I truly find it to be very beneficial to any successful recruiting group; furthermore the team at SGA has been great at taking customer suggestions and refining their products. If the service does not have exactly what we need, Sheila Greco Associates LLC’s custom team can get it".

“SGA’s proprietary content provides a true competitive advantage in any industry where revenues are directly tied to your ability to find unique executive prospects or candidates faster than your competition”, said Peter Malamas, Vice President of Business Development for Sheila Greco Associates. “ExecutiveTracker is especially powerful for tracking executives in specific line management job functions that are not available through other sources or on the internet”.

About Sheila Greco Associates, LLC and SGA ExecutiveTracker
SGA specializes in providing unique executive contact information to serve the needs of sales, marketing, recruiting, and human resource professionals. SGA ExecutiveTracker gives access to as many as 2,000 executives per firm at each of the top 4,000 companies in the U.S., providing thousands of management contacts not available on the internet or in any other source, including direct dials, emails, biographies, and more. Quality Focus means that SGA does not use automated web scraping or outsourced data collection. The ExecutiveTracker database is maintained solely by our in-house research team to deliver the highest accuracy on the market.

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