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SGA Lists, The industry leader offering verified contact information of key decision makers within the Fortune 1000 and beyond!

Amsterdam, NY-February 25, 2004--SGA Lists, a division of Sheila Greco Associates LLC is quickly gaining industry recognition for quality and accurate contact lists for the direct marketing/sales world. SGA Lists initial strategy was to start by tracking companies from the Fortune 1000 and beyond. With the Fortune 500 completed in January and the Fortune 1000 ready to be released by the end of February, the company has already begun building a proprietary database of over 10,000 companies planned to be finished by the end of 2004! Currently, SGA Lists focuses on going deeper into organizations, typically providing on average 70 contacts per company for the larger organizations. Since the company has its own call center and in-house researchers, SGA Lists can also develop customized databases and lists that are specific to a variety of customers needs! The ability to offer such a scalable product has already produced added value to many customers.

According to Joseph Morse, President SGA Lists, "Our Company is becoming known as a premiere list provider, with accuracy rates of 85-95%, an unheard of number in this industry. We set ourselves apart from many competitors because the names are phone verified and updated quarterly. This industry is changing, with customers searching for more sources and the accuracy of the information needs to be better. Companies offering the same information offered a year ago is no longer acceptable; customers have demanded and deserve more up to date information! SGA Lists recognized this need and now offers the solution. The lists SGA Lists offers are new and fresh; not repackaged names! "

"We can't compete with the BIG guys on numbers, but we can beat them on quality! We have done this as part of our initial strategy," says Sheila Greco, CEO, SGA Lists. "What separates us from the competition is our ability to offer targeted information from a broad perspective, and if the customer wishes, a narrow perspective as well. The big guys can't customize their information like we can.Our goal is to the assist the sales professional with reaching the RIGHT contact, not spending hours trying to navigate his/her way around an organization to ultimately leave a phone message for the wrong contact. That also goes for mailings! We want the mailer to actually be received, and looked at, not tossed in the basket since the person is no longer there! In 2004, we want purchasers of our lists to experience a hit ratio of 85-95%, thus helping us grow our business."

 SGA Lists website offers static reports, mostly by company and functions, such as Information Technology and Human Resources. These lists can be purchased instantly on our website or customized lists can be created by calling and speaking with an SGA Lists sales professional or emailing a request for the customer specific information and data counts.

About SGA Lists LLC, a division of Sheila Greco Associates LLC
The goal of SGA Lists is to provide contacts that are relevant for today's businesses and professionals who are trying to find that competitive edge. This is why we look at our products from our customer’s point of view, as well as how our research is utilized, and who will be using the information. On average our SGA Lists adds 5,000-6,000 new names monthly, as well as hundreds of bios,thus allowing the database to be refreshed and republished every 3-4 months.

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