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Sheila Greco Associates, LLC, a Leading Independent Human Resources Company Opens an Office in Miami, Florida

Sheila Greco Associates, LLC can now accommodate clients in the Southeast a little easier.

May 28, 2003- Miami, Florida - Sheila Greco Associates, LLC, a leading human resources consultancy specializing in research, recruiting and Customized Competitive Intelligence recently opened a Miami, Florida office. Randy Mikuni has been named Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Business Development of SGA LISTS, LLC and will be heading up the new location. Mikuni, formerly of Hoovers, Inc. has been charged with the task of growing the new division within Sheila Greco Associates, LLC.

For close to fifteen years our success has been marked by our ability to offer unparalleled customer service. "This new division and new location is a natural progression of that dedication. Both the new service line and location is a response to customer needs," said Sheila Greco, President and Founder of Sheila Greco Associates, LLC.

Sheila Greco Associates offers global expertise encompassing a variety of human resources outsourcing services. The company began as a research company, successfully expanded into Customized Competitive Intelligence and recruiting. The CCI division quickly became a market leader and is highly regarded in the CI community. The recruiting division has established itself in a variety of industries, recently receiving the highest vendor rating from a Fortune 5 client. Now the company has set its sights on developing SGA LISTS, LLC into a market leader.

"With rapid changes occurring in our industry we felt SGA LISTS would be a natural progression and it will allow us to fill an existing need of our clients who require the most accurate and timely information," stated Joseph Morse, President, SGA LISTS, LLC.

"SGA LISTS offers up-to-date information on a variety of industries and professionals. In these times when budgets are being slashed across the board, this product offering is a natural extension of what we already offer customers, and will broaden our customer base even further," said Morse.

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