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For Immediate Release
January 30, 2009
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In Tough Economic Times, Multi Service Recruiting Firm Offers Solutions For The Fast and Furious!
January 30, 2009

While both large and small corporations scramble to downsize, layoff and reorganize in an effort to survive the downturn, Sheila Greco Associates, LLC is offering options that not only serve as a life preserver to help you stay above water, but to assist you in your strategic efforts for growth in the months to come.

You hear it in the news, you read about it in the papers and on blogs across the Internet. Company A is laying off 7,000 employees, Company B has plans to acquire Company C, eliminating the need for two HR divisions. Employees are posting resumes on job boards at record rates while employers eliminate their sourcing staff, leaving a select few to sift through the overwhelming amount of candidates.

Sheila Greco Associates, LLC. is a Recruiting Solutions company located in Upstate NY with over 25 employees focused on an array of staffing solutions. SGA’s solutions are designed to not only save corporation’s time and money, but are assembled in such a way to build partnerships with even the most complex organization.

“Our firm takes a strategic approach in an effort to help our clients overcome obstacles, while delivering quality passive candidates needed to move a company forward” states Joe Altieri, Director of Business Development at SGA. “First we assess our customer’s needs by discussing in great detail the obstacles faced, their success stories as well as their disappointments. Next we discuss short and long term goals in an effort to understand the big picture. Then we dig deep into the staffing process as well as the company’s culture and skill set requirements to make sure we are presenting candidates that are on target” adds Altieri.

If a company wishes to downsize on the front-end yet strategically hire for growth efforts on the back-end, Sheila Greco Associates can serve as the eyes, ears and voice when searching for the right candidate. SGA has the ability to source names from competing companies through their Customized Research service, generate qualified resumes and passive candidates through their Recruiting service, and provide Competitive Intelligence (CI) in an effort to help our clients better understand their competition.

For companies with internal Recruiters and Name Sourcing departments looking to enhance their name generation process, Sheila Greco Associates launched an online subscription-based “Passive Candidate” database called SGA ExecutiveTracker. No other company in the industry offers a database tool that contains 100% phone-verified data. For companies looking to turbo charge their recruiting efforts, SGA will tailor a bundled package of services that suits the client’s needs and budget.

Times have changed in the world of Recruiting in such a way that only the strong will survive. “Sheila Greco Associates takes every measure combined with 20 years of experience to consult their clients according to their growth plans as well as their business model” states Sheila Greco, President and CEO of SGA. “No longer is there a need to subcontract four individual companies, pay different fee structures and most importantly, harness all of your vendors in one line in an effort to understand your goals” adds Greco.

Working with a multi-service Recruiting Solutions firm such as Sheila Greco Associates brings value to the table, assuring you a return on investment. Never before has the saying “time equals money” held as much validity as it does in today’s economy.

If you are interested in speaking with a Sheila Greco Associates, LLC consultant and wish to have a packaged bundled specific to your needs, call Joe Altieri at (518) 843-4611 ext 234 or send an email to

For a complete list of services and to download the SGA brochure, please visit their web site at and

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