SGA Executive Tracker
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SGA ExecutiveTracker

Launched in 2005, SGA ExecutiveTracker has quickly grown to be recognized by recruiters as the premier online database for identifying passive candidates.

With information on thousands of public and private companies, clients are assured to find several passive candidates for all of their searches.

The following factors make SGA ExecutiveTracker the best resource for quickly identifying passive candidates:

• Increased Productivity

According to our clients, SGA ExecutiveTracker cuts down their recruiting time by approximately 50%. Users can develop targeted passive candidates for their search within minutes.

• Content

With SGA ExecutiveTracker our users have access to passive candidates that are not available through public sources such as the Internet, job boards, and networking sites. Our internal research team is constantly uncovering names at every level in the organization, including the hard to find manager level and below, ensuring our clients access names no one else has. In addition, no other resource provides as many verified contacts per company than SGA ExecutiveTracker.

• Cost Savings

Why do so many recruiters choose SGA ExecutiveTracker? Quite simply, we save our clients money either by lowering their research (name generation) costs or by lowering their dependency on outside agencies to fill open positions.

• Quality

All names within SGA ExecutiveTracker are 100% verified by our internal research staff to ensure our clients the highest accuracy on the market. The average freshness date for names within SGA ExecutiveTracker is 150 days or less and there is no contact in the database that is over 1 year-old.

• Customer Service

At SGA, we have built our business by partnering with our clients. SGA ExecutiveTracker is no exception to this philosophy. The fact that we are the only data provider that can respond to the individual needs of our clients proves this. As a client, you can request that additional names be added to a company or new companies be added to the database.